Gradient kiln round execution in operation

Are you looking for a Gradient kiln? Or the ideal temperatures for your glazes? Would you like to test various glazes but not wait for hours for the results? Or test the influence of temperature on different clay bodies? Looking for quick results against minimal costs? In that case our gradient kiln is just what you have been looking for!

Easy to use

In a Blaauw gradient kiln, you can easily test your glazes and clay bodies with different temperatures. Just set the maximum temperature and start the desired firing program with the user friendly kiln controller. During heating a temperature gradient establishes in the kiln. This gradient is approximately 200-250°C over a distance of 50 cm. The maximum temperature is in the back of the gradient kiln, whereas the front is the coldest spot. For your convenience the front-, middle- and back temperature are measured and displayed. Therefore you will always know which gradient is present in the kiln.


We equip our gradient kiln with a door switch to ensure a safe loading or unloading of your glaze tests. When you open the door, the power to the heating elements is disconnected. When you close the door, the firing program continues. And because of the high grade of insulation of the gradient kiln, you can still touch the exterior when it is at top temperature. With many other brands this maybe a bad idea…


We think that our customers should enjoy our products for a long time. Therefore we design and build our gradient kilns with the greatest care and best materials. The heating elements are made out of strong Kanthal wire in our own factory. For the insulation we only use high-grade materials to keep energy consumption as low as possible. Because we want to heat up your products, not planet earth…

Easy to install

A Blaauw gradient kiln is easy to install. Just connect the power cable and the kiln is ready for use. Our standard model can be put on a table. Do you prefer to move your gradient kiln around? In that case we can also supply you with a frame on casters.

Specifications Blaauw gradient kiln

  • Maximum temperature: 1300°C
  • Temperature gradient: 200-250°C
  • User friendly Bentrup controller
  • Temperatures front-middle-back are displayed
  • Connection 115V or 230V – 3,3 kW
  • Interior dimensions: 100 x 55 x 500mm (width x height x depth)
  • Exterior dimensions: 620 x 660 x 940mm (width x height x depth)