You are looking for an industrial annealing furnace? Blaauw Furnaces offers you the best choice. Because our industrial furnaces combine smart design with smart technology. Here’s how:

Multifunctional furnace controller for Annealing Furnaces

A Blaauw annealing furnace is one-of-a-kind. Because our advanced controller ensures that your furnace exactly follows your temperature curve. Besides that it controls the annealing process evenly in every part of the furnace. Our furnaces are heated electrically or with gas.

Besides excellent control over your annealing process, we offer computer remote monitoring and logging functionality. The production data of each annealing  cycle is recorded. Therefore ideal for your internal QA/QC or for providing certificates to your customers.

Industries we serve

We design and manufacture annealing furnaces for metals and glass industries. Besides those also ceramics industry, plastic industry and many specialty annealing applications.

Temperature Evenness

Is excellent because our gas fired annealing furnaces have smartly placed high velocity burners. Therefore we can ensure the best temperature evenness possible. Electric heated furnaces are divided in a number of zones for accurate zone control.

Ease of use

Besides the complete freedom of programming, the ease of use of a Blaauw annealing furnace is a big advantage. The large color touch screen makes programming and following of firing curves easy and intuitive. And most importantly, we build the furnace to your specifications so you will never have to make any concessions.


Beyond saving time, your Blaauw annealing furnace also saves on energy consumption. Therefore our gas furnaces are the most energy efficient furnaces available on the market today.


A Blaauw annealing furnace is built with craftsmanship and entirely to your needs. Our quality standards and materials therefore accommodate a typical life span of 40+ years, in daily use. Furthermore we keep your furnace in optimal shape with our safety inspection and preventative maintenance program.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about our furnaces. Please contact us and we tell you more about the possibilities and advantages. Looking for your ideal furnace? Let us know how we can make your wishes come true!

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