Blaauw Kilns develops and supplies kiln control systems for more than 30 years. A kiln without a good kiln controller is useless. Because of that, we have developed a multifunctional kiln controller which controls gas- and electric kilns as well as our ceramic dryers. Because of the flexibility of our control system, it is suitable for studio’s, art institutes and universities as well as industrial applications. Naturally our kiln control system can also be used for other kiln brands.

Our CU14 kiln control system has the following unique properties:

Intuitive and user friendly control

We are not in favour of thick, incomprehensible manuals so you won’t need one to be able to work with our controller. The large color touch screen gives a clear overview of all different user functions. With only five buttons, all major functions can be activated. Programming a firing curve is easy and if you are ready, the firing can be started within three clicks. The screen shows you your programmed firing and the realized temperature curve at the same time. In this way you can always check if your kiln is still on schedule.

Freedom of programming

Our CU14 kiln controller offers you complete freedom in making a firing program. You can define up to 25 steps in which time, temperature, speed and desired atmosphere (oxidation or reduction) can be prescribed. You can choose for a simple firing program and let the build-in intelligence of the controller do the rest. Or you write a program in which you define  a drying stage or activate a cooling valve. Ask us about the almost unlimited options!

Multi zone control

Our CU14 kiln controller has the possibility to control a kiln in different sections. This can be useful if you have a big kiln and need to have a small temperature variation throughout the kiln. With our multi zone control, the kiln is ‘divided’ into separate sections which are separately controlled in temperature. In this way, even large kilns can be precisely controlled.

Remote control

Are you curious how your firing is progressing or do you want to make that last adjustment to your program when you are not near your kiln? With our remote control software you can check your kiln controller over the intra/internet and adjust if necessary. At the same time, our software logs all your firings. This allows you to analyse your firings or print annealing certificates afterwards.

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Intuitive and user friendly

Remote control and registration

Flexible functionality