Kiln furniture

In order to fire efficiently and safely, you need kiln furniture and kiln shelves of the highest quality. Blaauw Kilns is happy to advise and assist you on different materials, sizes and stacking systems. We deliver all materials you may need for your process. Our range consists of:

Kiln shelves

We have shelves in cordierite, mullite or silicon carbide quality. In various thicknesses and dimensions, depending on your application. We keep stock of cordierite shelves with standard dimensions of 600 x 700 x 20 mm and 600 x 500 x 20 mm. Besides these we also have various smaller shelves on stock. Different qualities and/or dimensions can be supplied to order.

Kiln furniture

If you want to create more layers in your kiln, you need kiln furniture. Therefore we have kiln posts in many dimensions and shapes on stock. Oval, round, square. Whatever suits your needs best. Looking for something else? Let us know and we will find it for you.

Except kiln posts we also supply and design complete stacking systems. Like a tile rack system; consisting of posts and shelves. Please inquire about our possibilities.


Blaauw Kilns has also developed her own stacking system, called Flexstack. This systems consists of three basic elements: kiln shelves, building blocks and silicon carbide beams. With these elements you can easily build various stacks. For large or small objects, or a combination of both. Because the shelves are supported by the strong silicon carbide beams, no additional support is needed. This creates extra space for your products. The dimensions of the Flexstack system are flexible, only limited by the available length of the silicon carbide beams.

Cut to size for you

What if you only need a few shelves in a certain size or thickness? Just let us know what you are looking for. In most cases we are able to cut the shelves to size for you. In case you just need a few items, you are welcome to collect these at our factory in Amsterdam. If you need bigger amounts, we will send them by truck. Please contact us to make an appointment. Because of the large risk of breakage, we do not send with express services.

Kiln furniture

Variety in sizes and material

Custom design

Advice and consultation