Thermal Oxidizer and Catalytic Oxidizers

Blaauw Kilns designs and builds thermal oxidizers. Our thermal oxidizer is used to oxidize volatile organic chemicals (VOC).

You can use our thermal oxidizers in processes and situations where exhaust gases contain VOC’s. Because VOC’s are often by legislation not allowed to be released into the environment, they have to be decreased/burned. Furthermore VOC’s cause already at low levels irritating smells and inconvenience for people.

Thermal oxidizers are suitable for all kinds of volatile organic compounds in waste gas streams.

Therefore you can use our thermal oxidizers in:

  • Wax burnout furnaces
  • De-binding kilns for technical ceramics
  • Various processes for waste treatment
  • Ceramics kilns for products with organic binders

VOC’s are oxidized at between 750 and 1000 C into clean exhaust gases; CO2 and H2O. Therefore our oxidizers heat waste gas streams to the required temperature in combination with excess air/oxygen. Our thermal oxidizers run on gas burners or in certain cases electric heating.

Gas heated thermal oxidizers

Gas heated oxidizers are preferable for treatment of large waste gas volumes. Because we recuperate the heat of the thermal oxidizer itself to heat the incoming waste gas streams, the process is very energy efficient. Besides this, we often use the thermal oxidizer in combination with a ceramic catalyst system to ensure fast and efficient treatment of the VOC’s.

Electric heated thermal oxidizers

Electric heated thermal oxidizers are applicable if smaller volumes of waste gas streams have to be treated. It can be advantageous to use electric heating if there are scrubbers and filters present with limited capacity.

Integrated Controls of your Thermal Oxidizer

We integrate the controls and safety systems of our thermal oxidizer into your equipment, because we want to make sure that it operates energy efficient and in a safe manner.

Thermal oxidizers - afterburners

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