You are looking for a bronze melting furnace? Blaauw Kilns offers you the best choice, because we combine smart design with smart technology. Here’s how:

Furnace Controls

Our furnaces come with a range of programmable, industrial grade controllers and are therefore easy to control.

Blaauw bronze melting furnaces

Due to our flexible design, we manufacture bronze melting furnaces for bronze art casting studios and for medium sized businesses. We determine specific sizes upon your needs and design the furnace so it suits the crucible range or charge weight you are prefering.

Combustion system

We equip your gas fired bronze melting furnace with smartly placed medium velocity burners. Because of this we ensure the best heat transfer into the bronze with a minimal exposure to heat and sound for the users of the furnace.


Furthermore a Blaauw bronze melting furnace saves on energy consumption. Therefore our gas furnaces are the most energy efficient furnaces available on the market today.


We build each Blaauw furnace with craftsmanship and entirely to your needs. Our quality standards and materials therefore accommodate a typical life span of up to 40+ years, in daily use. We can keep your furnace in optimal shape with our safety inspection and preventative maintenance program.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about our furnaces. Please contact us and we will tell you more about the possibilities and advantages. Looking for your ideal furnace? Let us know how we can make your wishes come true!

Bronze melting furnace



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