When will you choose for a Blaauw gas fired ceramic kiln? The smartest solution… Why? Watch our video or read our arguments..

Multifunctional kiln controller

The Blaauw gas fired ceramic kilns are unique. With our advanced controller, your kiln will not only follow each desired temperature curve, at the same time it is controlling your desired atmosphere – oxidation or reduction. Therefore drying, cooling, biscuit or glaze firings in oxidation or reduction, are all possible with our automatic gas fired ceramic kilns.

Ease of use

Except the total freedom of programming, the ease of use of a Blaauw gas fired ceramic kiln is another big advantage. The large color touch screen makes programming and following of firing curves easy and intuitive. Because the kiln is built to your specifications you will never have to make any concessions to inner dimensions or for instance the swing direction of the door.


With your Blaauw gas fired ceramic kiln you will see results in a blink of an eye. Within 10-16 hours after having pressed ‘start’ you can already open the kiln. Because of this one Blaauw ceramic kiln produces the same amount of work as three standard electric kilns or two conventional gas kilns.


Except saving time, your Blaauw gas fired ceramic kiln will save you lots of energy consumption. Our gas kilns are the most energy efficient kilns available on the market today. A typical 1280°C (2336°F) firing in a Blaauw gas fired ceramic kiln (400 litres) consumes approximately 5 € worth of natural gas, while most of other kiln brands use double this amount. And if we compare this to an electric kiln of the competition, the energy consumption will cost six times more!


A Blaauw gas fired ceramic kiln is built with craftmanship and entirely to your specifications.  Our quality standards and used materials accommodate a typical life span of 25-40 years, in daily use. We can keep your kiln in optimal shape with our yearly safety inspection and preventative maintenance program.

We hope that you are infected with the same enthousiasm we have about our kilns. Please contact  us and we will tell you more about the possibilities and advantages. Always been looking for your dream kiln? Let us know how we can make your dreams come true…

Gas fired ceramic kilns

Automatic reduction, bisque, glaze and drying

Reliable and energy efficient

Intuitive and user friendly