Northern Clay Center

“We want to be the leading ceramic art center in the United States” That’s what Sarah MillFELT, executive director of the Northern Clay Center (NCC) said to me when we began our initial discussions about purchasing the Blaauw Minneapolis 2019 NCECA kiln. Such a bold statement is enough to make anyone skittish (including Sarah herself), but after an intense collective assesment and the subsequent hammering out a strategic framework, the board of NCC created the goals to do just that: engage adults at every ability in the ceramic arts, provide support for ceramic artists through fellowships, residency programs and studio rental, and produce exhibitions and programming that expand the knowledge of the ceramic arts. Says Sarah, the Blaauw kiln fits that bigger picture. You can imagine our excitement to be working with an organization with such articulated vision. NCC, we hope your Blaauw kiln helps you in reaching all your goals!

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